The Excel Academy

Year 8 Macmillan Coffee Morning

‘Team work makes the dream work’

Academy excels as Year 8 unite to host legendary Coffee Morning in support of cancer care.

Schools are busy places. Full of students working conscientiously, staff striving for excellent teaching, five lessons a day and silent lesson changeovers.

Sometimes, it is wise to take a step back from our hectic lives and reflect on what is fundamental; the people we love.

A scholar once wrote that, ‘your vision will become clear, only when you can look into your own heart’ and as a Form Tutor within the Year 8 Form Team, I felt that choosing Macmillan as our year’s charity was a no brainer. A charity that has helped so many people in need and a cause close to our own hearts.

I felt extremely passionate that hosting a Coffee Morning to raise donations for the warriors battling cancer every day, as well as the loved ones, on this journey also. It was then a case of transforming a fundraising idea into reality.

The Dream

As Bernstein once said, ‘to achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.’ Hence, giving myself a two-week time frame, I set to work putting the pieces together trying to make the event happen like the sophisticated, beautifully embellished, Pinterest version of the successful event that I had envisaged in my head.

Fortunately, I am thrilled to say, we absolutely nailed it.

The Multi Use Hall was decorated, the tea and coffee were flowing and needless to say, I have never seen so much generosity in all my life. There was even water encased in glassware to add that extra spark to the event.

The Reality

On the morning of 27th September, the cake came in like a flood, with staff bringing bags full, and students and staff alike practising their Bake Off skills and creating scrumptious pieces for the cause. Those sleepless nights of a cake sale with no cake were quickly put to rest.

The parents, carers and relatives of Year 8 students were welcomed into The Excel Academy for cake, coffee and a catch up with their children. The walls were decorated with bunting and an excellent playlist created by our in house musical mastermind and support from wonderful colleagues. To complete the occasion, guests had rustic tags to fill in with wishes for loved ones and to give their gratitude for the charity or for anyone who had or was going through the illness. This is to decorate our wish tree with in Student Reception.

Therefore, the morning was one of delight. After a morning of stress, setting up with a side of sweat, taking a step back and watching what was happening was something of beauty. Family members sitting and chatting to their children, laughing and taking time just to be. This is something that our busy lives do not always cater for.

The Year 8 Executives most definitely stepped up to the plate. Like a comical scene out of Dinner Ladies, they were dressed in blue gloves to serve cake. The Executive Team worked tirelessly throughout the morning to support a smooth running of the event and they certainly were excellent representatives.

‘Let’s hit £250.’

As an academy of high expectations, I challenged my Form Group, to devise a target of which they would like to achieve to prove that the morning was a success.

One student said that £250 would be a lovely amount to raise; just from one Year Group.

Nevertheless, when the news of the total figure was announced to me, I could have cried.

In total, the Year 8 team had raised over £700.

Everyone had rallied together to reach such an astounding figure and I could not have been prouder.

So, the donation is on its way to Macmillan. Hopefully, it will pay towards machinery, nurses within the community or facilities to support families in need in such a difficult time.

For those warriors experiencing this, this one is for you.

From Miss Finley, Mr Rimmer, Mr Asghar and the Year 8 team, the students of Year 8 absolutely smashed it.

Hence, we look forward to our next event as a Year Group, but for now, we are raising a cup of coffee to the excellent staff, students and family of The Excel Academy.

They say that charity starts at home.

The Excel Academy is home.

By Mrs Dudley

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